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September 15, 2008


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Linda at Bookmark This Spot

Thank Karen and Jennifer, What a great product! Good for you both filling a niche to provide a service that goes to where the customers are. (Not every one can make it to The Container Store.) I love that you are sharing your passion with so many others. Thanks again Susan for another wonderful and fun interview.

The Original Accidental Pren-her

Good point Linda - not everyone can make it to The Container Store. Why would they? When they can have a party right in their home, amidst their friends! Can't drink a glass of wine while browsing through a store ;)


Karen and Jennifer,

It is wonderful to see partners working together so successfully. You gave good reminders that having aligned core values and work ethics helps make the business run more smoothly.

I love that your business model includes helping other people, especially women. It's easy to forget that there are other, more collaborative, methods available.

Thank you for your tips, insights, and honesty on building a successful partnership business!

Carolyn - Crickets Roar virtual assistant services

Hi Karen & Jennifer,

I'm so glad the two of you found each other and formed Clever Container - not only is organization so very necessary to lessen our stress in today's busy world, but you also provide the opportunity for other women to establish and grow their own business. By the way, congratulations on your new San Antonio, TX, distributor - just what I've been waiting for! Wishing you continued success and growth.

Karen Eschebach

Thank you so much for your kind words and to Susan for allowing us to share our passion with each of you. I can personally speak for myself when I say working with a friend is a great joy! I have no doubt that the two of us were brought together to do this. I also love the fact that Jennifer and I both balance each other out. I'm practical; she's very creative. I'm the talker/connector; she's the behind the scenes worker. I'm the idea maker; she's the idea completer. I feel very blessed to share this journey with her.
I'm right there with Linda and Susan on being able to have a party to get organizing products and helpful tips as well as camaraderie with your friends. Not only that, you get to touch and feel the products out of the packaging. Also, a consultant is trained to demonstrate multiple uses for the products so that your product grows with you. You have your own personal problem solver right in the comfort of your home. Now tell me, when did organizing get to be SO MUCH FUN!

Karen Eschebach

Thank you Carolyn for pointing out that our consultants are literally business owners. We love their enthusiasm! Also, since we are still on a smaller scale, they are helping shape our company and will actually see their ideas implemented. Keep in touch and give us feeback if you end up having a show!

The Original Accidental Pren-her

After receiving some of your wonderfully clever containers, I can tell you that with your products . . . organizing can be so much fun! Thanks for making our world a better place, you two!

Moschel Kadokura

Thank you for sharing your journey. I love the inspiration behind starting your company and the product that you provide. Good luck with your five year plan and going worldwide!


Very positive blog! I'm really impressed )

Lady Samurai

Thank you, Selina!

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