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November 17, 2008


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I can relate to how you tried to schedule and order your day, but in reality, needed to allow it to be more flexible. Sometimes scheduling works, and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s important to know what works for you, and do that.

I love how you financed your business! I never thought to look for business grants. That is very excellent advice! Thank you!


Hi Shannon, thanks for your insights into the challenges of balancing life and business- I am so inspired to hear how you have managed to start a successful business and still prioritize your family... So it can be done! (from an entrepreneur who is not a mom- yet!)

You are a great example for all the moms who come to your site seeking something "beyond motherhood". Thanks for sharing!

Carol McClelland of Green Career Central

I agree with Angela, thanks for the reminder about looking to grants for funding. Congratulations on your business. Looks to be a great resource for Moms. All the best.

Shannon Davis

Angela, Dori and Carol - Thank you so much for your kind words and support. Wishing you all great success!

Linda at Bookmark This Spot

Hi Shannon,
What a fantastic business! And such a valuable source in these economic times for those looking for creative ways to job search. I especially like that this is a 24/7 job board. Here's wishing you continued success.

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