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January 19, 2009


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Hello Peggy!

Thank you for your wonderful business! You’re skills are much needed. Nearly every young woman I know is struggling with balancing, even the idea of, kids and work, and many are self-employed or entrepreneurs. You’re right, it is not easy for us to find the right balance on our own. Brava to you for offering this much-needed service.


Peggy Porter

HI Angela,

Thanks so much for your wondeful feedback on my business. I love what I do and feel absolutely passionate about the fact that every mom can have a successful business AND success family...At The Same Time and that we don't have to give up one for the other.



Hey Peggy, it was great listening to your experiences and expertise on balancing self-employment and motherhood. The piece about self-care is probably the most challenging- how DO we learn how to prioritize ourselves in our own lives? It's great that you've taken your talents and use them to help mothers become successful entrepreneurs. Keep up the great work!

Peggy Porter

HI Dori,

Good question!! We learn to prioritize ourselves in our own lives by making the decision to do it. Every action starts with a decision. We need to look at it as a commitment to our health and happiness. A commitment that if broken can result in stress, fatigue, anxiety, unhappiness and sometimes sickness and depression. So, look at prioritzing as...instead of, how can we find the time to look after ourselves, remember that if we don't find the time to look after ourselves, every part of our lives are affected as well as those who share our lives with us. I heard self care once described as looking at it as self-full instead of self-ish. I thought it was a great way to perceive it. Thanks for bringing up the question!

Susan L. Reid of Discovering Your Inner Samurai

Just to add to the discussion on prioritizing, one of the things many of my clients have found helpful is a technique I write about in my book called, 2 priorities 1 month.

What that means is for 1 month, you set your top two priorities and everything else becomes secondary. Then, each day, you don't move on to anything else until you do something on your 2 top priorities for the month. Nor do you put anything else in front of your top priorities, such as laundry.

My clients have had great success with this, and at the end of the year have completed 24 priority projects!


Hi Peggy and Susan, I love what you both have to say about this- I want to send it to my friends who I know also struggle with this. Commitment to self, and the 2 priorities/1month- I'm inspired!
Thanks Peggy and Susan, you are both so amazing.

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