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February 16, 2009


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Hi Patt,

Great advice on having the right frame of mind to attract the right customers! That is a powerful thought to keep in mind as we create a marketing plan (of attraction) for our businesses.

Thank you!


Hi Patt,

I really enjoyed hearing how your business ideas progressed until you hit on "just the thing" that was authentically you. It's also interesting to hear you talk about the life of your business, that it is still growing and changing as you grow and change, not something static... I guess it is like being in a relationship, hey?

Thanks for your great advice!

Patt Osborne

Hi Angela, thanks for your kind words. Yep, that attraction thing is important to keep in mind as we think about who we really want to work with and who are our perfect clients. The focus on making conections and building relationships is also a powerful component, I think.

Patt Osborne

Hi Dori,Thanks!
Yes, that's exactly what it's like...being in a good relationship. I find that it's important to continue to be totally aware to make sure the biz is meeting my needs. If it isn't,then it's time for some tweaks. And in making those tweaks, I believe I'll continue to have a more intimate and real connection within that biz...and flow comfortably as it grows and changes...just like in an important relationship! :-)

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