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March 02, 2009


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Hi Mary Kay,

I love that your product brings people closer together! It is so important to communicate with each other, especially between different generations. And important to teach children how to communicate openly and well. Brava!

Also, I love how you talk about integrating your different roles in your life. It can be hard for the whole family when you switch from mom and wife role to mom, wife, and business owner role. Thank you for tips the tips on making that a smooth transition.

Congrats and good luck in your business!


Hi Mary Kay,

Congratulations on your awards for Kubit2me! It is obviously an amazing creation- to have invented a product that creates opportunities for youth to express themselves, brings families together, and supports confidence building.

And what a journey to get there! I really appreciate how much you emphasize research, that is definitely the piece that gets neglected in the rush to get product to market. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

Lady Samurai

Mary Kay - what a pleasure it was to have you on the Accidental Pren-her Show. You have such a great product! Thank you for sharing your story and success with us.

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